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Review By Danang Adhitya,
Danang Adhitya
terima kasih, barang sudah sampai sesuai pesanan. packing rapi banget.
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Review By Dafis Wahyu,
Dafis Wahyu
Barang sudah smpai gan puas banget terima kasih sukses selalu toko digiware
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Review By Erni Azmatul Laily,
Erni Azmatul Laily
Dear DigiWare Terima kasih banyak atas barangnya. Paling suka belanja di DigiWare. Pengirimin cepat ...
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Robot Cleaner right for various environments, iClebo Arte.

ven though there are various home appliances and chores are shared among the family members, the home labor is still largely done by housewife.  Actually, the ways to make housewives more comfortable existed for years.  The only area in home labor that can be wholly handled by a machine, cleaning.  Robot cleaner cleans inside the house by itself instead of the housewife even when there is no one at home.  Especially, iClebo Arte from Yujin Robot is equipped with the all of the elements- Smart, the integration of superior technology, Clean, the original function of cleaning robot, Convenient, the easiness to use, and Green, the consideration for environment – thus it is the robot cleaner just right for domestic environment.

Best in the World, iCLEBO

iCLEBO leads the trend of robot cleaners. We use the best robotic technology around the world with our 20 plus years of experience in this industry. iCLEBO has engineered various advanced technologies from toy robots to military robots. Thanks to such incredible professional knowledge, iCLEBO currently supplies robot technology to Phillips, defeating foreign brands and larger companies all around the world. The iCLEBO robotic cleaner is optimized for various environments. iCLEBO is reliable and focuses solely on providing innovative, great products their consumers will absolutely love.

※ Robot Cleaner, iCLEBO is designed and manufactured to meet the Energy Star standards, the new energy efficient certification system in Europe.

For robot cleaners, it is important in how it precisely analyzes the space, how efficiently it can clean and how long it can clean for. To address all these issues, iCLEBO is equipped with triple CPUs composed of micro controller units for camera vision, power management and firm control.

The triple CPUs integrates the best robotic technology experience in the world. The sensors detect the ambient environment 200 times per second while the navigation algorithm goes through a rigorous 10,800 times per second analysis and 24 frame recording that is identical to movement in nature. iCLEBO enables smart and confident cleaning with firm control using its unique interface system known as vision mapping, using camera recognition that is similar to moving and seeing with human eyes.

iCLEBO Arte starts and stops at the same place using its highly advanced navigation algorithm. If it starts from the door of a room, instead of the charging station, it clean the room neatly and returns to the door in order to resume from where it left off initially. Thanks to such superior algorithm technology, cleaning under furniture such as beds, sofas and the underneath wardrobes, places that are unreachable, is now possible.

It also recorded superior grades in our own cleaning performance test. Specifically, the test result from the IEC Sand (International Standard Test Dust) showed results of the iCLEBO twice as better as other brands in some cases. Not only does the iCLEBO pick up dust that can be seen with the naked eye, but it also suctions up the fine dust in spite of the size of dust particles and regardless of the material of the floor, such as wood or carpet.

The iCLEBO Arte can be equipped with the ultra microfiber mop under the machine for wet mop cleaning. Previous models and other brands, users had to first take out the main brush to install the ultra microfiber mop, however, iCLEBO Arte can perform wet mop cleaning and vacuum suction simultaneously for higher efficiency and effectiveness.

The iCLEBO Arte is slim in thickness and light in weight. The height of iCLEBO Arte is only 3.5 inches, which makes it the slimmest robotic cleaner in the market, and it cleans freely under furniture such as beds or sofas. Its weight is also a very light 6.1 pounds, making it the most portable robot vacuum for easy transportation.